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Lightweight version of Jimp -- An image processing library written entirely in JavaScript for Node.js

Lightweight version of Jimp compiled with vercel/ncc


This package has 27x smaller install size with all features of original jimp (Jimp install size is ~33.8MB) by bundling all node_modules and removing extra files.


Install and import/require jimp-compact instead of jimp npm package.

# npm
npm i jimp-compact

# yarn
yarn add jimp-compact
// ESM
import Jimp from 'jimp-compact'

// CJS
const Jimp = require('jimp-compact')

See jimp docs for full usage.

Known Issues

In order to make typescript working, you need to (also) install jimp in devDependencies! Track issue via #39 and #42.


MIT - Based on Jimp