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Super fast hashing library based on murmurhash3 written in Vanilla JS

Super fast hashing library written in Vanilla JS


Install package:

# npm
npm install ohash

# yarn
yarn add ohash

# pnpm
pnpm install ohash


// ESM
import { hash, objectHash, murmurHash, sha256 } from "ohash";

// CommonJS
const { hash, objectHash, murmurHash, sha256 } = require("ohash");

hash(object, options?)

Converts object value into a string hash using objectHash and then applies sha256 with Base64 encoding (trimmed by length of 10).


import { hash } from "ohash";

// "dZbtA7f0lK"
console.log(hash({ foo: "bar" }));

objectHash(object, options?)

Converts a nest object value into a stable and safe string for hashing.


import { objectHash } from "ohash";

// "object:1:string:3:foo:string:3:bar,"
console.log(objectHash({ foo: "bar" }));

isEqual(obj1, obj2, options?)

Compare two objects using reference equality and stable object hashing.


import { isEqual } from "ohash";

// true
console.log(isEqual({ a: 1, b: 2 }, { b: 2, a: 1 }));

diff(obj1, obj2, options?)

Compare two objects with nested hashing. Returns an array of changes.

Returned value is an array of diff entries with $key, $hash, $value and $props. When logging, a string version of changelog is displayed.


import { diff } from "ohash";

const createObject = () => ({
  foo: "bar",
  nested: {
    y: 123,
    bar: {
      baz: "123",

const obj1 = createObject();
const obj2 = createObject();

obj2.nested.x = 123;
delete obj2.nested.y;
obj2.nested.bar.baz = 123;

const diff = diff(obj1, obj2);

// [-] Removed nested.y
// [~] Changed nested.bar.baz from "123" to 123
// [+] Added   nested.x
console.log(diff(obj1, obj2));


Converts input string (of any length) into a 32-bit positive integer using MurmurHash3.


import { murmurHash } from "ohash";

// "2708020327"
console.log(murmurHash("Hello World"));


Create a secure SHA 256 digest from input string.

import { sha256 } from "ohash";

// "a591a6d40bf420404a011733cfb7b190d62c65bf0bcda32b57b277d9ad9f146e"
console.log(sha256("Hello World"));


Create a secure SHA 256 digest in Base64 encoding from input string.

import { sha256base64 } from "ohash";

// "pZGm1Av0IEBKARczz7exkNYsZb8LzaMrV7J32a2fFG4"
console.log(sha256base64("Hello World"));

💻 Development

  • Clone this repository
  • Enable Corepack using corepack enable (use npm i -g corepack for Node.js < 16.10)
  • Install dependencies using pnpm install
  • Run interactive tests using pnpm dev


Made with 💛

Published under MIT License.

Based on puleos/object-hash by Scott Puleo, and implementations from perezd/node-murmurhash and garycourt/murmurhash-js by Gary Court and Austin Appleby and brix/crypto-js.