Every project of the organization. A gateway to our galaxy of JavaScript utilities, libraries, and tools created to empower developers.

Packages list

  1. Run webpack bundles in Node.js with optional VM sandboxing

  2. Smart Configuration Loader.

  3. Generate Beautiful Changelogs using Conventional Commits.

  4. Elegant CLI Builder.

  5. Elegant Console Wrapper.

  6. ESM cookie serializer and deserializer

  7. Assign default properties, recursively. Lightweight and Fast.

  8. A faster, secure and convenient alternative for JSON.parse.

  9. Easy persisted memo object for Node.js

  10. Get an available open port

  11. Download templates and git repositories with pleasure!

  12. A minimal h(ttp) framework built for high performance and portability.

  13. Awaitable Hooks

  14. A Full-Featured HTTP and WebSocket Proxy for Node.js

  15. High performance, secure and easy to use image proxy based on Sharp and libvips.

  16. Lightweight version of Jimp -- An image processing library written entirely in JavaScript for Node.js

  17. Runtime TypeScript and ESM support for Node.js

  18. Utilities to generate JavaScript code.

  19. Elegant HTTP Listener

  20. Programmatically modify JavaScript and TypeScript source codes.

  21. Lightweight file-to-file transpiler.

  22. Missing ECMAScript module utils for Node.js

  23. Zero Config MongoDB Server

  24. Create web servers that run anywhere.

  25. A better redistribution of node-fetch

  26. Unified Package Manager for Node.js

  27. A better fetch API. Works on node, browser and workers.

  28. Super fast hashing library based on murmurhash3 written in Vanilla JS

  29. Drop-in replacement of the Node.js's path module module that ensures paths are normalized

  30. Debounce promise-returning & async functions.

  31. Node.js utilities and TypeScript definitions for package.json and tsconfig.json

  32. Lightweight and fast router for JavaScript based on Radix Tree

  33. Read/Write config couldn't be easier!

  34. String Case Utils

  35. Smart placeholder for missing assets

  36. Runtime agnostic JS utils

  37. Easily generate color shades for themes

  38. URL utils for humans.

  39. An unified javascript build system.

  40. Single API for Web Crypto API and Crypto Subtle working in Node.js, Browsers and other runtimes

  41. Composables in vanilla JS

  42. Convert JavaScript code to be runtime agnostic

  43. Unlimited access to github API

  44. △ Universal document <head> tag manager. Tiny, adaptable and full-featured.

  45. Unified utils for auto importing APIs in modules.

  46. Utilities to work with PDFs in Node.js, browser and workers

  47. Unified plugin system for Vite, Rollup, webpack, esbuild, and more

  48. Async Key-Value storage API with dozens of built-in drivers and a tiny core.

  49. Tunnel your local HTTP(s) server to the world! powered by Cloudflare Quick Tunnels.

  50. Generate types and markdown from a config object.

  51. Generate QR Code universally, in any runtime, to ANSI, Unicode or SVG.

  52. Elegant ProgressBar and Profiler for webpack 3 , 4 and 5